English-Haitian Creole Glossary of Idiomatic Phrases & Expressions Roody Barthelemy

ISBN: 9781497510807

Published: March 26th 2014


216 pages


English-Haitian Creole Glossary of Idiomatic Phrases & Expressions  by  Roody Barthelemy

English-Haitian Creole Glossary of Idiomatic Phrases & Expressions by Roody Barthelemy
March 26th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 216 pages | ISBN: 9781497510807 | 10.31 Mb

This is a bilingual glossary of idiomatic expressions in English and Haitian Creole. The creativeness and linguistic dynamics found in American English and Haitian Creole are second to none. By nature, the two languages have no fear of neologisms and are always ready to create, to invent, to forge new words, new images - and even new styles - if necessary.

This constitutes the beauty and richness of both languages. But it also means that this book is far from being complete. This is simply the first edition of a work in progress. You will find in this book a compilation of more than a thousand idiomatic expressions, phrases, and terms found in the American English language translated into Haitian Creole.

Many of them have the style of a proverb or the ease of a saying. Some others sound like cliches, pure slang or are of clear colloquial nature. There are also several similes included. Nonetheless, all of them are considered to be peculiar to or characteristic of the American English language.

Regardless of its form or history, each entry listed is translated into Haitian Creole. It can generally be arduous to accurately translate idioms or proverbs from one language to another. This is true in most languages because the true meaning of idioms and proverbs is always figurative.

The literal translation is only for the purpose of cross-cultural comparison and further linguistics-related considerations between the two languages. Whenever necessary, more than one translated version is provided for the same idiom, phrase, or expression. The additional or alternative translated version is for the most part to indicate how the idiomatic equivalent of the expression or term is most-commonly known or used in Haitian Creole.

Each translation is also followed by a contextualized explanation between parentheses. In this first edition, the original context of the English entry listed is kept as the source, and its meaning is explained in Creole as the target language. This way, the primary English-speaking learner does not have to worry about how faithfully the transfer of instinctive feeling, language imagery and impact is understood and conveyed through what is being said.

In return, the primary Haitian Creole-speaking learner is directly exposed to the subtleties of the English language with a hands-on understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the basic meaning of many English idiomatic expressions, phrases, and other figures of speech listed in this book. This book is for all those interested in learning about either English or Haitian Creole. By and large, it is a valuable resource for all ELL students whose primary language is Haitian Creole. Teachers, educators or school administrators who understand how important it is to learn idiomatic expressions as part of the language-learning process will surely appreciate the modest attempt of this bilingual glossary.

Translators, interpreters, and language instructors working with Haitian Creole-speaking families in the communities will find a resource they can refer to. Other professionals who, at home or abroad, may wish to communicate with speakers of the two languages will also find this book interesting. This glossary may be the first of its kind- it is certainly not the last. We hope you will find this glossary useful to your communicating needs, especially with and to Haitian Creole speakers. For any questions, comments or suggestions, contact the author at: [email protected]

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